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Advanced painting line introduced at zetta entrance doors production site

A large-scale project to update the production base has launched at ZATTA factory. Since this month, all the door units are painted on a unique painting line.

Now painting of ZETTA entrance doors includes several stages. First of all, metal frames undergo special treatment. Phosphate-zinc solution not just improves the wear resistance of the future coating but also protects the entrance door from corrosion. The powder polymer coating is then applied to the already processed steel frames. Due to the innovative system of color distribution over the metal surface, it is possible to obtain an even coating of the entire door unit. At the final stage, all steel structures are exposed to high temperature in the furnace, where the paint is securely fixed on metal surfaces of the future entrance door.

ZETTA entrance doors can now be installed in spaces with high air humidity: they are resistant to unfavorable environmental conditions. The newest technologies and production methods ensure a 3-year guarantee for powder coating (it was 2 years before).

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